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The power of Protease - remarkable enzyme!

Protease is responsible for protein digestion, which is one of the most difficult substances to metabolize.

When protease is taken in higher quantities it can help clean up the body, by removing the unwanted proteins from the circulatory system. This helps purify the bloodstream and restore the energy and balance.



Plant enzyme proteases are powerful therapeutic agents used in natural medicine. Chantilly Protease breaks up and assists the body in removing undesirable proteins in the blood – major cause of chronic illness. Protease, taken on an empty stomach, goes directly to the bloodstream and can reach most body tissues for rapid healing action. Adjunctive therapy with plant protease offers an alleviation for a wide range of conditions.

Health benefits of Chantilly Protease

Test show protease promotes recovery from toxicity

·       Protease can dissolve the fibrin coating on damaged cells, allowing the body’s defenses to function better. Protease also helps shrink abnormal growths by stimulating the removal of dead or abnormal tissue while enhancing healthy tissue growth.

Boosts immune defense

·       Protease is successful in fighting viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections. Especially helpful for autoimmune disorders like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Protease is a powerful antioxidant

·       Protease purifies the blood, breaking down protein invadors.

Accelerates recovering from breast cysts

·       Protease accelerates recovering from breast and uterine fibroids, abnormal growths and sebaceous cysts.

Helps repair scar tissue.

·       Protease helps repair scar tissue in the lungs caused by respiratory disease.

Reduces food allergies

·       Malabsorption of protein is very common.

Speeds recovery

·       Protease reduces swelling and pain of injuries and wounds and speeds recovery time.

Helps beautify skin

·       Skin disorders, like acne or rosaceae, often greatly improve.

Reduces of kidney stones

·       Protease reduces risk of kidney stone or gallstone development in susceptible people.

*None of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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